Unix keystrokes

Adding this here just to memorize this good and very often unused keystrokes.Think that each person working with cli at least 1 hour a day should know this rather than moving the arrows 🙂

CTRL + B – Move the cursor left

CTRL + F – Move the cursor right

CTRL + A – Move the cursor to beginning of line

CTRL + E – Move the cursor to the end of the line

CTRL + W – Erase the preceding word

CTRL + U – Erase from cursor to beginning of the line

CTRL + K – Erase from cursor to end of the line

CTRL + Y – Paste erased text

CTRL + P – View the previous command (cursor up)

CTRL + N – Vie the next command (cursor down)

Would like to recommend a great book for Linux newbies who would like to learn a bit more :

How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know


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